Saturday, August 17, 2013

Retired Weatherman makes Astounding Claims about Global Warming

Rural Saskatchewan -- Area retiree Joey Bishop, 85, came out of retirement to look at data sheets presented to him by area small government enthusiasts.

Boldly he concluded, after three days of study:

"Climate's changed before"
"It's the sun"
"There is no consensus, only 97% of climate scientists and only 50% of retired weathermen agree"
It's cooling for at least 10 years"
"Models are unreliable, some have large margins of error"
"Temp record is unreliable, the wether stations are too close to airports"
"Antarctica is gaining ice"
"CO2 lags temperature"
"We're heading into an ice age"
"Hockey stick is broken"
"Climategate CRU emails suggest conspiracy and the young whippersnappers were only trying to get tenure"
"1934 - hottest year on record"
"It's freaking cold! I had to get the fleece jacket my late wife Mildred bought me five years ago out in July"
"Medieval Warm Period was warmer"
"It's a 1500 year cycle"
"Human CO2 is a tiny % of CO2 emissions"
"IPCC is alarmist and only serving liberal politicians world wide"

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