Saturday, August 31, 2013

Serial Killers Were Breast Fed

Boston, MA -- Researches from Boston University, funded by the Federal Heritage Foundation, have researched serial killers and their childhoods. Many had no father at home and a loving mother.  Killers whose mothers were alive were well researched, including interviews with the mother.

An astounding figure, 100%, were found to have been breast fed as babies. One individual was breast fed even when he had some teeth, the mother remembers.

Does this mean you can become a serial killer after being breast fed?
-Anyone can become a serial killer. We had one female serial killer, but could not locate her mother.

What other interesting figures did you get?
-Some 95% of them could read before Kindergarten.

Is there any harm in not breast feeding you kid?
-We don't know. It is possible the child will never become a famous serial killer, merely an amateur one.

Were any serial killers found to be breast feeders themselves?
-Yes, one woman was.

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