Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fall Of 1962: Guitar Groups On Their Way Out

The Beatles had recorded six songs by Oct 1962. By November Please Please Me was redone, for 63 release.

Guitar groups were on their way out and your name is ICKY. And Liverpool is for hicks.

Capitol was rejecting nearly all records from London. And Parlophone. Cliff Richard was slightly known in the US but no big seller. Capitol in Hollywood did release one Parlophone record: Mrs Mills at the piano with singalong music. It sold about 100 copies.

THE BEACH BOYS had recorded an entire album in Oct of 1962. And Capitol released it, all 25 minutes of it. Surfin Safari was a minor hit.

The Beatles were unaware of it, though they followed New York and Motown records pretty closely.

It took another year and by Jan 1964 a song was released, with February national TV( Ed Sullivan Show) coverage,  I Want To Hold Your Hand was released by Capitol. Hand holding music from England had arrived. Perhaps Capitol was going to cover two guitar groups from this point on.

Kari had heard of the Beatles by 1963, but having never bought records, took it slowly. It was not till 1964 when he spent some money meant for model trains and parts for three singles on Finnish Parlophone. He may have been 11 by the time these records were in hand. English was a foreign language but some of the sounds were easy, like Help and Twist he certainly knew, but not Shout.

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