Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lump Of Coal Or Worse

Saint Nicholas comes from a long line of legends. In Finland Joulupukki would bring presents, but the bad kids got a beating from him. In other places this job is subcontracted to a side kick. 

In Switzerland Santa is known as Samichlaus in the German speaking parts of the country.  This sidekick is Schmutzli in the German part of the country and Père Fouettard  in French. He carries a broom of twigs to administer punishment to children who have not been bad.

In othe places in Europe, the assistant is Čert or Knecht ruprecht’ or Zwarte Piet (lowest pic) who carries you to hell or Spain in a sack. Merely showing the sack might help the bad kids survive another year.

Krampus is seen riding in the sleigh and  and Schmutzli next to Santa.

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