Saturday, December 7, 2013

God Driving Poorly

Witchita, KS -- On a recent visit to fundamentalist territory to inspect how things were going in person, God had an urge to do stuff humans do, just for the experience.

"Move along folks", said officer O'Connel. God ran into a tree with his Jeep and they have taken him to the nearest hospital. He is expected to recover to an all powerful state in a week. God did not carry health insurance.

He was just testing his free will, and had never taken driver ed. Officer Mitch O'Connel respected him and never asked for a license. The car was a rental and was insured. The credit card was in the name of John H. Smith to a bank in the Bahamas. The credit card payment cleared, but the bank has disappeared. There is not even a building at the given address.

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