Sunday, December 22, 2013

Songwriter Walking The Floor Over Her

Nashville -- Area songwriter Earl ”Mac” Davis has a had a hard time writing songs since his Bob Seger song failed. His last girlfriend Elsie left three months ago and he did get the Empty House song out of that.

Now he has a new girlfriend Maggie who is a flight attendant. She was working the weekend and won't be back till Monday. They will have Christmas together. The food is in Earl's freezer, they just have to defrost and heat it. She'll be home the 24th and they will have the dinner together. Then after presents on the 25th she is off again to Milwaukee and some third place and back, so most of Christmas Earl will be walking the floor over her again, till late at night.

earl used to follow flight tracker on her flights the first week of their relationship, but all he could do is look at the screen and drink coffee. Earl has only flown once to Orlando and back.

"There's gotta be a song here, but I don't write songs about women I'm still with," remarked Earl.

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