Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beatles Fan Finishes Mammoth Project

Bangor ME -- Beatles fan Al Green, 19, just finished recording all the parts of the Beatles original twelve albums. Except the voices. The recordings are Karaoke, where he plays all the instruments. Not being able to afford all the guitars, he borrowed a Rickenbacker 325 for the early albums, using his dad Dan's Gibsons and Gretches for George's parts. Three solo guitars were required  for the Abbey Road side B medley, so the last one was played on the guitar shown, just to get a third "sound". It does not actually match any Beatles guitar. The drums are a weak point, but he did his best with the kit shown.

The laboratory will rest now for a while, as he get ready to make Free As A Bird and Real Love in the spring. Then his"Beatles Laboratory" will be packed up while he goes to college in Massachusetts.

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