Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rich Guy Pays Tickets Out of Civic Duty

Kansas City, MO -- Area enterpreneur (he has a law office, real estate and a part in a BMW dealership) Dan Greenberg has collected $20 000 in traffic camera fines in 2013. He has paid them all, as they amount to the same as parking fines, no points adding up against his driving privileges.

"I just give them to my accountant. I figure it is my duty to support my community. Maybe they are even tax deductible? I don't know, I'm not a tax lawyer anymore."

He gets these tickets from running red lights, changing lanes recklessly and making right turns without stopping. "I'm a safe driver, never had a serious crash. I would not take these risks to be a bully, I simply look at the situation and clear the intersection, making traffic flow more smoothly."

He is known to drive three BMWs. He has also been ticketed with his girlfriend's white BMW X series, a concept car. "She may pay the occasional ticket, but if she knows I was driving, I have her send the ticket to my accountant." For moving violations, he has the local Traffic Law Partners handle the situation and go to court for him.

Typical traffic camera tickets in Missouri are about $100.

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