Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Exercise plan killed at start

Harrisburg, PA –  
Area man Greg Martin (39) went to pick up a treadmill type of exercise machine from Sports Mart at their nearby shopping center by Wal Mart. Greg has a pick up truck, and store employees loaded the box onto the truck. Christa Martin (38) refused to help Greg carry the box around the house. Greg got Darrell, a big guy, next door to help. They carried it around outside to the walk out basement in the back yard. Going thru the door right into the family room Greg twisted enough at one point to injure his back.

Christa is using it daily, but Greg had been lying down for three days because of his back. The next day he went to work, he is an accountant.

Two weeks later Greg is back to his normal routine, but asked about the tread mill he said “I don’t think I’ll ever use it. My back hurts just to look at it. Plus Christa and I tried to move it a few inches and my back complained already.”

Industry data indicates that most tread mills turn in six months to places to hang damp laundry, but are otherwise not used.

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