Friday, January 10, 2014

Technology Theft Revealed on Twitter

Amazon -- Neighboring tribes along the Amazon have been waging war on Twitter for two years. Posting a picture of a site on Twitter is considered a valid claim on the land.

The two tribes have related languages but live separate lives. It now appears that one has stolen some poison dart technology from the other. The darts and the places to collect the frogs for the poison have been guarded secrets in both tribes. One tribe boldly posted pictures of the area where the other tribe's frogs are.

Each tribe takes pictures on
smart phones and travels three days down river to get a smart phone signal and to post the required pictures. Neither group has any written language, but the younger males have worked out the smart phones. The phones are not used for phone calls. The once in 10-12 days trip includes a stop at a trading post to charge the phone in exchange for jungle goods.

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