Monday, August 8, 2016

Area Dickcissel Eating Bugs Without Identification First

Saunders Co NE -- An area dickcissel born this summer is munching on plant matter and insects just to fill his stomach. His parents, particularly his dad, identified every dragonfly by its Latin name before feeding it to the kids. Now the youngster just does not bother. He ate some kind of "locust" just minutes ago.

Can you give it some thought? What color was it?
Bird: Yellow.

And you've eaten those before.
Bird: Yup.

Maybe it was in the Chortophaga family?
Bird: Sounds familiar.

Like this?

Chortophaga fasciata maybe? They grow in Nebraska.

Bird: Could be. Nice talking to you. I gotta go. Dragonflies.

We did not think they catch dragonflies, more of a seed eater sparrow type of bird. We think he's after more locusts. The slow ones.

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