Monday, August 29, 2016

Trump Voters Profiled

Trump voters leave dog poop and beer cans!

In a nationwide study, 100% of Trump voters leave dog poop on streets and trails. Democrats were found to sonetimes leave beer cans where they partied or fished during the weekend (20%). Trump voters (100%) leave the cans as a rule. "It gives somebody a job with the city, right? My tax dollars at work" noted Tom, 28, from Idaho.

In a related study, students on University of Wisconsin (Madison) and Colorado campuses (political science senior projects) took up an unusual study. They went to area bars and surveyed bar patrons for voting plans and then followed their toilet habits. Yes, some stalking was required and inspection of stalls.

 It was found that Trump voters were not the worst violators. Those voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson accounted for 55% of non-flushers and the remaining 45% were Trump supporters.

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