Thursday, August 18, 2016

Finnish Waiter Forced To Serve Customer

Helsinki -- Area waiter Erkki was doing his job arranging tables and getting things a little in order after the lunch crowd had left. Then some tourist walked in around 2PM and wanted a window table. it's somewhere behind the round structure at the end.

Erkki seated the middle aged man speaking American English, but probably from Germany. He brought some silverware and a napkin from a nearby table and then left. It was time for Erkki's break. Erkki spent 20 minutes in the street for a smoke. Minna was still inside as well as the cook staff.

Erkki hung his windbreaker on a hook and looked at the stock market on his cell phone. He had some income stashed away from his previous job as a journalist. Then he looked at Trump's last tweets. There were some sport scores coming in as well.

After going to the rest room and washing his hands with care, Erkki returned to see what the customer might want. The customer was standing around the terrace with his things at the table."I'm ready to take your order now, sir," offered Erkki cheerfully.

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