Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Melania sent for new Trump belt

Having spent a few days in the White House, it got to be Monday, and Trump immediately asked Melania tio get him a belt as soon as possible. "A belt? You have about five. Or you did in January."

She buys them all at a shop a short limo ride from Trump Tower. It now turned out all five had been worn out at the last hole. You know how it goes, the belt is fine except for the one spot where you always keep it. Except after dinner you might try the next hole. Trump has no next hole. Well, it's there, but quite ripped. Steve Bannon fixed that spot with black duct tape. he has lots in his office. We wonder what he does with it.

Melania googled and found some belts at the nearby Target. They have numbered sizes, as well as a helpful L, XL and XXL label.

So she got in the limo and stopped there plus a men's shop not far away from Target, though it was close to the slum already.  DC is very urban.

Melania came back with the belts and Trump ran off with the best two and kised her lightly. She attempted a smile.

Later Melania went to the kitchen and asked for some details on what food was sent up. At certain times of the day they send a bag of Lay's chips and two diet Cokes. It appears Trump has been consuming the chips in one sitting. He may or may not be watching Fox or looking at Twitter during these binges.

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