Saturday, June 24, 2017

Republicans still divided on how to deny Americans health insurance

The Freedom Caucus did their work, now the Senate is about to vote on this historic measure, which will take us pretty much back to the pre-Obama era of no control and denying all sick patients a plan at all. Back then, when you lost everything, you got Medicaid. That is pretty much history now. The only coverage that will remain is for the urban poor to deliver babies. Contraceptives are not covered.

In particular, Senator Rand Paul is taking care of his state, looking through the records and erasing every possible claim to be in the Medicaid plan.

Many can see through the thinly veiled plan for 2020. President wants the 3 million people that voted for Hillary dead by then. How exactly will he know the 3 million that she had in excess over those voting for him? "We have people working on that." Whether it is Trump or Pence running in 2020, Trump wants those people dead.

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