Saturday, March 16, 2013

25 Year Old Man Still Dreams of Being Drummer

York, PA -- Bill Bradford (25) of York, a factory worker, never gave
up his dream of getting into rock and roll big time. At 15 he learned
to play guitar, but wasn't as good as most his friends. He actually
played bass for two years with local friends under several band names
but mostly the same guys. They had occasional bookings. Then they all
left for college except Bill.

Bill leafed thru Free Press ads for bass players, but they always
wanted a singing bass player. Bill had no singing voice.

At 23 he taught himself drums, and trains in his divorced mother's
garage as often as he can. He thinks he is pretty good now. "I'll get
that big time chance any day now, then I can quit my job." He has
never given up hope and is wiling to take orders from "even that
17-year old that auditoned me last."

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