Sunday, March 31, 2013

Couple sells all, but is left with tables

Gainesville, FL -- With Todd's new assistant professorship in Arizona starting in September, area couple Nancy and Todd Moskovitz had a tremendously successful sale of their student day furniture and other household goods. They plan to buy a small amount of items in Arizona, until it is clear if he gets tenure.

"Yes, we sold all, except the six folding tables and two benches I bought at Target. I planned the sale date and there were no tables to rent that weekend. We had books to sell for friends and all kinds of stuff. I spent three days with it and now the garage is completely empty, until I put the tables in there," explained Nancy.

Todd is not interested in putting more than one folding table in the U-Haul. They can use it for a kitchen table. But not the benches. He wants real Ikea chairs when they find an Ikea.

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