Saturday, March 30, 2013

Christian Runners Burn Atheist Running Book

Birmingham, AL -- One of the members of an area running group is an avid collector of running books, he has pretty much all of them. He had a Barnes and Noble gift card to spend on line, so he bought a book called Why We Run. "Yeah, it's a title the publisher picked. The original had something about antelopes in the title," said Matt (29), the book collector.

The book describes the physiology of running from insects to mammals. Then it has the author's comments on his 100km (60 miles) running experiences, which he accomplished past the age of 50 and won a crucial race.

"There's just too much evolution in it. This is not MY Runner's Bible," said Matt. The group smuggled all of Mr Heinrich's evolution and behavior books out of the local library and burned them on the same occasion. They had a light beer each while standing by the grill. No hot dogs were grilled on the filthy trash.

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