Sunday, March 24, 2013

Interesting Bag Lunch

Buffalo, NY-- Insurance man makes bag lunch in hurry.

A group of Mutual Home insurance agents were scheduled for a full day
of training at a youth camp. The morning of the course they all
received phone calls to make a sack lunch, as the caterer was
seriously ill. Bradley Huffington III hastily prepared a lunch with
his kids, from available supplies. At the youth camp, he bought a
Pepsi from a vending machine, the last can apparently. Others were
stuck with Dr Pepper. He then opened his bag to find the peanut
butter, cheese and jelly sandwich prepared by Amy, age 11, as well as
a mini box of raisins and a ziplock bag with teddy grahams, nuts and
gummy worms, prepared by Scot, age 7. He was able to fish out the
gummy worms and trade them with Mitch Johnson for a banana. Mitch had
arrived with four bananas and an apple in his bag, all he could find
that morning.

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