Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Area Wino Has All Conveniences

Kansas City, MO -- Area wino "Al", 63, has really all the conveniences he could ask. For half a year he has a hang out under a bridge, with passing bicyclists to wave to. They follow the canal that flows under the bridge. In winter Al is mostly indoors.
Sometimes he takes his shirt off if he sits at a nearby bench. Only when it's 85F, not 90F. His rooming house is near by. On his way to Mum's Liquor Store he passes the bridge and on the way back he stops under the bridge with the promised beer of the week on sale. It don't make any difference as long as it's not Bud Light. Al and sometimes a friend sit at the far end of the space. You can almost stand up there, but you have to watch your head getting out.

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