Saturday, August 29, 2015

Area Man Can't Decide Between British Shows

Madison, WI -- Allan Marx, 39, was shopping for videos to watch with his pregnant wife Kathy, who is now on pregnancy leave till the blessed event in September. They watch a lot of BBC and other UK shows. He knows they are missing one season of New Tricks with Amanda Redman. They do not care for her replacement in a later season, though they watched that season too. But he thinks they have only watched three seasons of Lewis, so this 6th might be a sure bet. But he still can't decide. He is still waiting in the cafe at Barnes and Noble for Kathy's text approving one. The rest of the time till the baby they have a bunch of BBC historical shows that

Allan does not really care for on Netflix. He had a regular coffee and is now nibbling on a snack with ice water. The Netlix and DVDs are working well now, and they can watch them when the baby is asleep. Allan is still worried about his sports. He likes to watch them live. Maybe some kind of headphone radio for the sports? In case he is changing a diaper or something.

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