Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump Replaces EPA with Bill Henderson

Washington-- With the upcoming tax cuts and all the people whining about things like Medicare, trump decided to spare Medicare for two more years. But then, the EPA had to go to save on federal spending and reduce federal jobs by 50%. What better start than the EPA? The coal mines will be free to dump sludge anywhere.

Bill will be employed to survey the waters of the nation much further down stream. The fish kill should be more upstream so there is no need for a bacteriologist. Bill has all the theory of water safety memorized and could give a lecture at any time.

As equipment Bill will have a pH meter and a spare, as well a s pick up truck. It is doubtful he will get West of Kentucky as the job has a limited hotel budget. All the gas is paid as well as oil changes for the next four years. The truck is leased from Trump Leasing.

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