Monday, November 21, 2016

Trump Supporter Just Getting Started

Wyoming -- Area libertarian Bill Cummins, 45, has not voted for the past 20 years "cause the Republican presidential candidates are pussies", and he is happy with  all his local political leaders. But now that he got Trump elected, he hopes all the Republican candidates will be like Trump from now on. "In fact I know they will be, I'll make sure of that."

He is excited about all the programs Trump is going to delete. "Ill be voting till every abortion clinic, windmill, ballet company, bike path, National Park, wildlife refuge, food stamp program, museum (except Cowboy and gun museums run by private funds), national guard unit, park ranger program, US Fish and Wildlife outfit, prairie dog protection program, hunting restriction, gun law (other than the one banning registration of guns), DEA, EPA, and anything that comes to Wyoming that smells of "culture" is gone.

In addition, all coal mines closed in the last 20 years will have to be reopened.

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