Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump: Ryan Hip Replacement Program to go Nationwide

Washington, DC -- Donald Trump has been looking at Medicare costs carefully. It seems old people get mostly cancer, knee replacements and hip replacements. For heart disease, they can have drugs, not surgery. The Paul Ryan Hip Replacement Plan of 2014 will now go national."It will bring Mexico some income and work once we return all the illegals," said trump. Back in 2014 we carried the story:

Ryan Hip Replacement Program

Madison, WI -- In a test of a new program that Paul Ryan will launch on national scale, a new hip and knee replacement program was launched for Wisconsin. Instead of expensive and painful hip and knee replacement operations, Grandma and Grandpa will now enroll into new programs. The Grandma Replacement Program will bring families a new Grandma who does not need surgery. The care of the old grandma will be outsourced to Mexico, where the old grandma will be taken care of in exchange for plentiful rice and beans and corn. The Grandpa situation is trickier. It will consist of national curmudgeon exchanges on the free market.

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