Monday, April 1, 2013

Musical Work has certain symphonicity, but Arturo thinks it needs more

Palermo -- Barber Vittorio Albinoni was discussing his newest work with a friend Arturo, who has to make a living playing keyboards in a popular band playing covers of 1950-2000 Italian songs. "It was one of my usual string works at the start, but I decided to paint some moods with woodwinds. What do you think? It is almost a symphony, or could be." "Vittorio, it is a fine piece just so. It would need a lot more to be symphonic. Why not complete this in three movemeents, with the center one very short?", Arturo explained as he handed the smart phone with the notes back. "But then it will go pretty much the same as all my works. I have to print out the sheet music at my expense and the Liceo Ginnasio Vittorio Emanuele II secondary school orchestra will play it." Yes, Vittorio, that will happen. But you are not on speaking terms with any other conductors in town. "Perhaps," said Vittorio, finishing his cafe con leche and working at a wrapped pack of cigrettes.

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