Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bikes and Trains Cause Communism

Wichita, KS -- Former Seanator Hank McCormic (67) and two assistants from the Mancato Institute have spent two years traveling the world, exploring places such as Venezuela and former Eastern European socialist states.

Their findings are undeniably controversial. They claim that socialism and even some popular dictatorships come about from three things. These are bike paths, commuter trains and subways. With travel controlled largely by the state, the citizens seem to be be happy with small apartments and in some cases a leisurely pace of life.They no longer strive to make money, buy big suburban homes with three garages and no longer spend time shopping, driving kids to "activities". The kids are happy to play stick ball in the street, since there are far fewer cars.  Taxis and delivery vans seem to be around, but since people are so poor, consumer goods are not delivered to their door on a daily basis.

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