Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nebraska Orienteers Seek Landmarks

Rushville, NE -- Area orienteering enthusiasts Bill and Matt are seeking donations of landmarks from other counties and states. They have mapped every rock and tree in the area they practice orienteering in, but they hope to organize orienteering events for out of towners.

"People are used to some landmarks. I did some orienteering last year in Scotland. They had more trees and such and valleys. We started at a castle and ended the race there, so that was really cool for me. I don't have the funds to import a castle, but we need some big rock or other object, even man made, that we can set up the registration table at. The city blocked us from using the water tower, and who wants a water tower anyway. I started a race at a water tower in South Dakota just last year. Those people will all come to our event." Bill is still optimistic.

Matt was not present for the interview but texted us that he has a dump truck from a quarry available for two days and can haul your monument or landmark from as far as Ohio.

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