Saturday, April 20, 2013

Club Mosses Mock Plants That Just Showed Up

The Devonian, Gondwana -- On a wet hillside, club mosses have grown for eons. Handsome stalks with leaf like projections sticking out. Then just this spring these leafy things showed up! Popping up on the upland side of a ditch, the leafy things grew from seeds, they guess.

"But who do they think they are? This it the devonian. We might get some new conifers here soon, but this leaf business is totally whacko. We understand these plants will drop the leaves in the fall. What's the point in that? It's like those needles the conifers keep dropping on us."

Ferns they totally understand, but those leaves are much more practical. What will these guys on the upland hillock do next? Grow flowers? Where are your friends the bees? Wait for the tertiary eras. Get back where you belong! 

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