Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pottsylvania Leader Tired of X-Box Games

Capital City, Pottsylvania -- Fearless Leader Kim Jung Soon, 31, has spent nearly three weeks waiting for the mighty United States to back down An take its troops out of South Pottsylvania.

The threats of nuclear war and missiles shot to strategic targets have been in the air for three weeks now. The generals are determined to shoot a missile to the sea near Okinawa. But there are only eight missile left.
Kim has played video games for the entire time except for the daily half hour meeting with his generals and a few dedications and news events he posed for. And he is bored.

The problem was partly solved with his driver teaching Kim chess, but Kim hates to lose and a weak opponent is no challenge. So they take turns at a video game and chess. But the old man is not catching on with the video games and hardly pushes the buttons.

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