Monday, June 22, 2015

Area Stoner In Charge of CDs and DVDs

Cambridge, MA -- Area stoner, "Matt" has been managing the music and video department as well as the electronics at ShopMart for about a year.
The CDs do not seem to be in alphabetical order but more of a thematic organization. "The newer stuff is to the right but then the rest is kind of where I feel like putting it. Country is on the bottom. Those Idol type singers are on the top row. Some granny came in and demanded I find Susan Boyle for her. It was on the top. Maybe she was too short to see it?"
The manager rarely comes by, and even then usually she is involved in the exchange of a TV. The CDs seem to sell well enough despite the apparent disorder. The top hits are at the end of the aisle  coming into the department. Matt made sure they never ran out of the Led Zeppelin reissues.

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