Friday, June 12, 2015

Wisconsin Supports Nebraska Governor

Milwaukee, WI -- After a hard week of wiping out tenure for college professors in Wisconsin, governor Walker opened his laptop at a Panera restaurant in Milwaukee on Friday to read the news. he was on vacation till Monday but was still sending orders and e-mails most of Friday.

There was something to celebrate on Saturday as he planned to ride his Harley with two friends to a biker cafe and then come home late afternoon. The item that delighted him was from an Omaha paper. It reported on Governor Ricketts of Nebraska procuring new lethal injection materials for the state. Nebraska has banned capital punishment, but this does not apply to ten prisoners on death row. Walker made a note to see if there were any pharmaceuticals they could ship to
Nebraska. There is Iowa in between the states, but some sort of shipment of veterinary products could be arranged. As President he will do his best to keep capital punishment on the books for most states. There should be some way to get the Supreme Court to support this right of states.

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