Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grandfather Leaves Birthday Party After Carbs Come Out

Pittsburgh, PA -- Area grandfather Todd McMicken, 59, a known health fanatic, was forced to duck out from most of the festivities for his grandson Allen. They had just finished singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candle with the waxy number on it. Cake was cut up and handed out. "No thanks, too many carbs. Do you have some frozen yogurt I could have?"

Thew party goers proceeded to gorge on cake and ice cream and berries and chocolate syrup and he left the scene to the back yard.
He took a glass of lemonade and sought some shade in the back of the yard, as there was no cover on the patio. Todd is recently widowed and reflected on his wife holding the two month old Allen a year ago. She died a month later. As things cooled down inside, Todd peeked in and saw that the presents were coming out. He stepped in and retrieved his present out by the front door. "I think I'll give Allen my present first." It was a set of plastic tools and a tool box for them. With the present opened, Todd had set his phone to beep in five minutes after entering. "I gotta go, thanks for inviting me. I gotta come and spend some time with Allen next week. I have a bike trailer I can take him with on a 30 mile ride."

With that he left, mumbling something about "too many carbs in the air" to the other two grandparents.

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