Thursday, June 4, 2015

Area Woman Worried About Global Warming But....

Boston, MA -- Area woman Cathy Stoller, 44, has seen the news items for years now but really has not had time to do much.
She does have a lot on her mind.

List of things to do
  1. Bobby’s shirts to dry cleaner
  2. Keep track of Bobby’s job interview schedule
  3. Melanie’s graduation pics: order print set
  4. Buster’s vet, make appt at budget vet (call Sally for name)
  5. Wallpaper? Paint remover? Paint? Discuss Becky’s room walls with Bobby
  6. Missy’s baby shower gift
  7. The wall! New drywall easier? Look up contractors
  8. Attend church at least once in July
  9. 4th of July, picnic at Bobby’s group from old job.
  10.  Parents Fri after 4th, charcoal and steaks hot dogs for small kids.
  11.  Metamucil
  12.  Nail polish for toes, new sandals
  13. ..
  14. ..
   285 Do something about global warming

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